New Year, Not A Lot of Weed

So I decided to kick off 2022 with a lengthy tolerance break, or a “T-break.”

While I don’t consider myself a super heavy user, I have to admit that in the past few months, I would indulge in a mini joint nearly every night before bed. Cannabis relaxes me, soothes the more fiery parts of a very busy brain (thanks to anxiety and panic disorder), and it doesn’t incapacitate me the way alcohol used to do. I love cannabis for many reasons, but I’d be lying if I said didn’t love it expressly for those very chill effects.

But you can burn out those lovely cannabinoid-receptors to the point where it takes more to get you high, or the issues you were looking to treat with cannabis–sleep, energy, sex, etc–can feel very dampened. There are ways of skirting this issue that don’t have to involve a T-break: switching up methods of consumption, reducing your use, or trying different strains. I have tried those, and while they do (and can) work, sometimes you just have to put the dry vape away for a bit and recalibrate.

The beauty of our ECS (endocannabinoid system) is that, unlike booze, you can reset your tolerance pretty easily. Depending on how often you use cannabis, you can go from 24 hours to 30 days, and voila! Lowered tolerance is back, baby. If you are a light user, even just going without a day or two is going to bring back that sweet buzz.

I myself am going for the full 30 day reset. THC and other compounds take about 30 days to completely exit your system, so if you’re looking to hit the reset button so hard you might see God next you smoke up, go for it. (If you’re a light user, you could do this too, but I think you’re fine going a few days.) Again, I love cannabis and it will always be part of my life, but it’s okay for us to take a break from our relationship every now and again.

Cannabis should be a plant that adds to your life, not one that takes it over. I mean, I am definitely looking at this 30 day T-break as a way to examine my consumption habits, and where I would like to add cannabis–weekend yoga, or walks around my neighbourhood, as an example–as an enhancement, not the means to an end.

There is no shame in consuming weed, and not every reason has to be medicinal. Sometimes we just want to feel good or get a good night’s sleep!

So if you’re not on a T-break right now, consider looping one into your cannabis routine. My plan going forward after the 30 day break is incorporate more breaks at the beginning of each month so as not to overload those sweet receptors.

Have you ever been on a T-break? If so, how did it go? What advice would you give folx that haven’t done it before?

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