CBD For You and Me (Mostly Me)

Somehow I forgot about CBD. Like, I forgot that this major cannabinoid can be useful during a tolerance break, or heck, even for regular consumption full stop. I say that I am surprised that I forgot about CBD because I honestly search for products that have equal parts THC/CBD all the time. The balance is important to me, and while the Canadian legal market is better about having 1:1 (1 part CBD to THC) or higher products–always favouring CBD because there are rules about THC dosage–available, it can still be hard to find them. You are more likely to find either high CBD or just pure CBD products at your local dispensary. Right now the Canadian market has something for everyone, but I am hoping that 2022 is the Year LPs (Licenced Producers) Stop Raising THC Percentages and Start Doing More Ratio Products.

Yeah, that will never fit on a t-shirt, I know. 

CBD has definitely been the It Girl for a few years now, making appearances in everything from face creams to dog treats. It can be hard to separate the woo from the real, and even harder if you’re in an illegal state to find quality lab-tested products that are worth your money. (Here’s a quick tip: that CBD cream you’re finding in the drugstore? Put it down. Unless you can pull up third party lab testing about the product, there are a lot of bad operators out there selling you something shady.) CBD can do what it says on the tin within reason. It has legitimate health benefits but it won’t cure cancer, for example. 

My first introduction to legal cannabis was a CBD vape pen. But since this was very early in my journey, I had no idea that CBD wouldn’t get you high. I thought I had gotten a bum product because I didn’t feel stoned. I didn’t know that while the ingestion of CBD can promote a sense of well-being, it won’t get you high. 

Think of CBD like an antidepressant: when you take it, you know you feel the benefits of what it does but you don’t feel high. On its own, it’s a pretty benign actor. A lot of older new users gravitate towards CBD because they expressly don’t want to feel the euphoria associated with THC rich products. But if you’re on a tolerance break like I am, a little CBD can go a long way for homeostasis while you cleanse those CB1/CB2 receptors of THC. I have been neglecting just plain CBD for a long time now, well before this break, and I think it’s time she and I hang out one on one. 

If you have CBD questions, hit me up! I love answering this stuff, and if I don’t know the answer off the bat, I will find out for you. 

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