My Top Three Cannabis 101 Reads

It probably won’t surprise you that I have a lot of books on cannabis. I do love to read and I wish there was some sort of aggregator that would alert me to new or upcoming books on the market. (Hey, if you know of one, HMU please.) I was thinking of slightly 101 levels of cannabis books I’d recommend to women looking to start their weed journey. Ones where you would not get only relevant science info about what the plant does but you would also come away with excitement about your journey. So here are three I’d suggest you either purchase or reserve at your local library*:

The Little Book of Cannabis – Amanda Siebert

Amanda is a seasoned cannabis journalist from BC, and this slim little volume–it clocks in at a little over 200 pages if you don’t count all the citations–breaks down the chapters by people’s interest in cannabis use. Sex, sleep, pain management, even the science behind the possible use of weed as an exit drug for drug and alcohol addiction, The Little Book of Cannabis is a good choice for beginners because you can dip in and out to whichever chapter calls to you. Another thing I like is that the science behind the ECS (endocannabinoid system) is at the end of the book, mostly because it sort of gently sways you with options for use and then wham! Here’s the science that backs that up. 

The CBD Bible – Dani Gordon, MD

Another Canadian woman writing about cannabis! I love to see it. Dr Gordon is the book you want if you’re looking for clear guidelines about cannabis use for medical and mental health. Anything from anxiety to autoimmune conditions, she outlines entire doable programs for adding cannabis to your wellness routine and beyond. She tells you what products and doses would work best for you to try and treat whatever issue you’re having. Also, she has a whole chapter about optimizing women’s health. This shouldn’t be revolutionary, but here we are.

A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis – Nikki Furrer

Real talk: I love this book and if I were able to give one weed book to lady friends, it would be this one. Nikki is a former bookseller and a cannabis lawyer. This book is fun, colourful, and there are so many recipes for topicals, edibles, and oils. (If you’re into bacon, she has a recipe called Wake’n’Bacon.) She’s worked in dispensaries, relates common stories about questions women have had about trying weed, and what to look for when you buy it. Like, this book is super relatable. Gah, I love this book so much. This will sound off but Nikki’s book more or less solidified my internal query about whether cannabis could be for me.

There are still others that I didn’t mention but honestly, good cannabis books alone could take up a huge chunk of space. I didn’t cover books about growing your own, more serious cannabis science, cookbooks, etc. I love reading them because every author brings their own style to the party. And when someone writes a legit vegan edibles book, I will be tossing my money at them in gratitude. Do you have some cannabis book recommendations? If so, what would your Top 3 be?

*you might be surprised how many cannabis books your local library has; seriously! It never hurts to check their catalog. Just saying. 

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