G.Y.O.W. (Grow Your Own Weed)

I’m getting ready for my second homegrow this year.

Full disclosure: I am not a gardener. I am what I like to call “an aspirational gardener.” I love the concept of growing your own veg, being more self-reliant, etc, but the execution fails me. I just do not have the zen or temperament for gardening. Honestly, when the summer days are upon us, I flee for shade because your girl is a Southerner and we stay inside when it’s frigging hot. Unless we are at the beach, there is no reason to be outside in the heat.

So it’s my lack of green thumb that made me hesitate to grow my own weed. I read up on indoor systems, thinking that it would be easier than trying to pretend I liked being outdoors tending to plants. I drew up ideas, searched for a kit to make the indoor grow dream happen, but as I read more and researched, I realized that: whoa there is a lot to this and this might not work either. Adding nutrients at what stage? Constructing a light tight space for your girls? A pulley system for being able to move the lights as they grow? Uh, I just wanted to grow my own cannabis, dammit! I didn’t want an additional hobby!

Jettisoning the indoor grow idea, I took a more serious look at an outdoor grow. I was buoyed by the adage that if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow pot. I have managed to grow tomatoes at various points in my life, despite a dark brown thumb, so I decided to order some fabric pots (they aerate the soil well), some high quality potting soil purchased at a local hydroponics store, and of course, seeds. I decided which part of the yard the girls were going to live in, and vowed to myself they would get the best of care.

And they did, for the most part. Some mornings I forgot to water them before going to work; other days I spent time outside, talking to them, trimming fan leaves. I was amazed how Nature just did so much of the heavy lifting. They went from decent seedlings to beautiful bushy babes (uh, sorry), and I got to watch their entire life unfold before my eyes. I learned how cool growing your own medicine is, and wow, why aren’t more people growing their own weed??

Seriously, if you can, grow at least one plant. 

I will be germinating my seeds probably late February, early March, but as all vegetable gardeners know, the best part before that is choosing your seeds. I have a single Bubba Kush seed; I have got my eye on some 1:1 seeds on the OCS website to make up the rest of the legal three I’m allowed to grow without a medical card. I will resolve to keep better notes, maybe train the branches for a larger yield. 

I am hoping you will do the same. Grow your own weed. Watch the amazing process from a seed to the plant that helps you so much. 

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