Microdose Week 1 – Are You Feeling Anything Yet?

As y’all know, I am over here microdosing this fine July and if you want more deets, check out this post.

So I am a week in, still on a tolerance break from cannabis to kinda clear the decks, and I am finding the whole process a little bewildering. I keep catching myself to see if it’s a placebo effect when it is Microdose Day, but I can definitely say I am cranky AF on Transition Day. Of course, I am not smoking weed, and I already know I get to be cranky AF during that time. Cannabis very much smooths out my anxious personality; it makes it easy for me to deal with minor stressors, and often, major ones too. For example, my partner and I went to ArtFest Kingston this past weekend, the first real crowd we’ve been in since the Pandy started, and I just wanted to smack everyone. I felt brittle and easily irritated. 

When I have pot in my system, I am much more chill. I am more liable to go with the flow. Pot keeps me grounded in the moment. Tolerance break week is me having a rough first few days and then things seem to even out towards the end of it. (Like, technically the day this blog is posted, my tolerance break is over. I will be in the yard smoking a joint if you need me.) The mushroom microdose is currently making me very energetic when I take it. It’s fun,mostly it feels like–to me, anyway–like having a shot of espresso alongside my coffee.

I had mentioned that my bestie and I have been trying to find a mild to moderate psychedelic experience because you know, that’s what weird middle aged ladies do. This is unquestionably not in either of those categories, but it’s an interesting endeavour to undertake. I wish you could find reliable sources for more intense dosing, or at least better information for laymen, but I won’t stop trying to find it. So many sources aren’t consistent in their dosing information, and I feel like anything that can use hallucinations or profound mental effects should be more uniform.

So that’s the Week One update! I am checking in about it daily on Instagram, so if you want to say hi, please do. 

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