Update on the state of weed in Washington DC

Remember when I said that I wasn’t a huge fan of buying weed in Washington DC? 

I guess the city’s mayor has essentially said any DC resident can have a medical marijuana card to access the city’s legal medical dispensaries. This is part of a plan to crack down on the gray market “gifting shops.” But man, you will have to hand over a lot of info about yourself to get that card: SSN (Social Security Number), proof of DC residency, and photo. 

While I love the self-certifying part of having an MM card, I worry how that plays out in a country where it’s still federally illegal, no matter what legal state/district you live in. You have to ask: are you sure it was the hoops to get an MM card that made people use the gifting shops? Are you hoping to find scapegoats if this doesn’t work out?

I have briefly had an MM card here in Canada, but I didn’t find that it was any cheaper than going to my local dispo. True, you can claim it on your taxes, but dang how do medical cannabis patients afford it? In any case, godspeed, America’s Capital. I hope it works out.  

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